WHEREAS, on August 14, 1995, a petition was presented to the Webb County Commissioners Court pursuant to Section 56.104 of the Texas Water Code for the Creation of the Webb County Drainage District No. 1; and

WHEREAS, on September 25, 1995, the Webb County Commissioners Court, after publishing notice of the hearing as required by law, held a public hearing on the Petition to Create Webb County Drainage District No. l, and found pursuant to Texas Water Code Section 56.019, that the confirmation of the district was needed, would be feasible and practical, and would be a public benefit and utility and conductive lo public health: and

WHEREAS, ·The Webb County Commissioners Court having appointed Mr. Carlos Mejia as engineer, and having approved his bond, and received his preliminary report pursuant to Sections 56.020, 56.021, 56.022 and 56.023 of the Texas Water Code, on October l.6, 1995, after giving notice of the hearing as required by law, held a public hearing on the report, in order to hear public comment on the report and the proposed district, and after the hearing approved the report of the engineer pursuant to Section 56.026 of the Texas Water Code;


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Webb County Drainage Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at TBD

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